Free Computer Antivirus

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As part of BSC policy, antivirus software must be installed, updated and running on any computer (Windows or Macintosh) that is connecting to the campus network.

BSC does not endorse a particular antivirus program. There are a number of good antivirus programs, free and paid, available to help protect your home or personal computer.

NOTE: You should not have more than one antivirus program on your computer. Having more than one antivirus program running can cause conflicts and crashes. Remove the unwanted or expired antivirus program before installing a new one.

Antivirus for Windows

Below is a partial list of common free antivirus software programs available for Windows based computers:

Antivirus for Macintosh

Below is a partial list of common free antivirus programs for Macintosh computers

Best Antivirus News: Free Computer Antivirus

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