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Every user of PC or tablet wants to protect his device from the viruses and losing of the information. In that case they should install an antivirus which will provide constant defence of the machine. Of course some users think that if you go to the same sites and you trust them then nothing bad will ever happen however a dangerous program might penetrate the system on the flash card or with an e-mail from the friends so there is a constant need for protection of your PC or another device. What options do you have?

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Software for the commercial purposes
Free software for Windows
Android protection

Software for the commercial purposes

There is a lot of software offered for some amount of money. You might use it whether you need it at home or for commercial purposes. These are:

Free software for Windows

If you need to protect your home device and have no commercial intentions then you can pick one of the many free antiviruses that will be a great solution on this occasion. Here some examples of such programs:

The full list of the most popular free of charge antiviruses you might find here. 

Android protection

Undoubtedly today all the divices are in danger and those with Android platform need protectionas well. What could you choose for your tablet or cell?

If you want to see more anti-malicious apps for Android, click here. 

The number of different anti-virus programs is tremendous nowadays. Of course some of them better, other are worse but anyway they are necessary for every device. They will decrease the opportunity to get the malware on your device dramatically even if you install the simpliest software. On the other hand, even the most expensive and the best anti-virus on the Earth cannot guarantee a full protection

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