Your Antivirus Software Probably Isn - T Good Enough

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Your Antivirus Software Probably Isn’t Good Enough

With all the talking we do about security here at PaySavvy, it might come as a shock for me to say that your antivirus software probably isn’t good enough. That’s not to say you should disable whatever you’re running right now (and I really hope you’re running antivirus software right now), but that a determined hacker is almost impossible to stop.

Take for example, a determined thief who wants to break into your house. You have an alarm system, bars on the windows, a door with a solid deadbolt, and a guard dog (and heck, you even have insurance for this kind of thing). Now, let’s say the thief is waffling between your house and your neighbour’s. Your neighbour just as a deadbolt — that’s it. No alarm, no guard dog, no barred windows, nothing. Which house can the thief not break into?

Your house is definitely the harder target, but the fact is that neither house would be immune to a burglary. Sure, the thief would have more trouble with your house, but that doesn’t make you immune. Your neighbour, on the other hand, would be in much worse shape. You have the alarm, so eventually the police would arrive — the neighbour has nothing to protect him.

Like most passwords, that’s what antivirus software is: it’s a stopgap or a tripwire. It stalls and buys time, but it doesn’t entirely protect. Good antivirus software can stop most general attacks, such as trojans and viruses that go out to thousands of people, or get sent through e-mail. That’s one of the things that antivirus is for. Large companies, however, need more. Many pieces of malicious software trick your computer and antivirus software into believing they belong — once a hacker is “in” like that, they have the keys to your computer.

If your company has particularly sensitive information, you might want to consider outsourcing its storage to a more secure company. If that’s not an option, consider more advanced antivirus software — spring for the Enterprise or Business editions, and consider monitoring your network more closely. Know what each and every piece of software you have is and does, and make sure to monitor for any suspicious activity. While antivirus software might only serve as a stopgap or a tripwire, that’s good — good antivirus software, when it doesn’t prevent an attack, let’s you know you’re being attacked.

Your Antivirus Software Probably Isn - T Good Enough

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