Best Free Antivirus For Android Phone

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Top 8 Best Antivirus for Android Phones

1-Avast Antivirus for Android Phones

Many of computer users knows that avast is a high protective antivirus and it does the same on your android phone. It is readily and freely available on Google play store and you can download it now.

2-AVG Free Antivirus

The word free means it is available and you do not have to pay anything to get it. All that is needed is your data plan. With this AVG Free Antivirus you can be able to scan any type of file you are getting from the net or from another device. If you have been using Windows on your PC you know how this app works and now it is available for android phones.

3-Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus

This is known as the best antivirus for computers and it is also very effective in android phones. It protects your device from spywares, viruses and malware. This app doesn’t consume much of your android phone memory and so it won’t affect your phone’s performance.

4-Dr. Web Antivirus light

This protects your android phone from malware, virus and Trojans. This antivirus won’t affect your device performance or power.

Download : Dr. Web Antivirus light

5-Kaspersky Mobile security

This antivirus for android phone features automatic scanning and offers great protective feature which you need for your phone. Nevertheless, you have to pay in order to get it on your phone.

Download : Kaspersky Mobile security

6-Lookout Mobile Security and antivirus

This antivirus for android phone is known for its protective nature. It actually does a full scan on your device and kills all the virus and protects any entrance of a virus. With this you can be rest assured of quality device protection.

Download : Lookout Mobile Security and antivirus

7-McAfree Antivirus

This antivirus for android phone is loved because of one of its common features which are backup and restoring feature. It also blocks the incoming viruses thereby protecting your computer from any attack and it is freely available in Goggle play store.

8-Zoner Antivirus

I t protects your android phone from Trojans, spyware and viruses. It as well blocks SMM/MMS [spams]. It has been one of the most used antiviruses worldwide in android phones.

Features of Antivirus on Android Phones:

Here is a list of features that you may find on antivirus for android phones

  • Anti theft
  • Task killer
  • SMS scanner
  • Data backup
  • Web shield for scanning links

Where to get the Antivirus for Android Cell Phones?

Very easy! Google play store has all you need ranging from games, apps and antivirus from different companies. First you need to know which antivirus to download. There are some which we have talked about above and since you cannot choose all of them you need to find out which is the best among them. Another thing is that all of the above antiviruses are commonly used of other devices except phone. You may have used any of them on your personal computer and like it. This will be of help since you are guaranteed that it will work. You may opt to get a different one and there is no problem. Reading Antivirus for Android Phones Review will also be of great help since you will be able to understand them better. After making the decision you can go ahead and download it on your phone.

Why Does Android Phones Need Antivirus?

Many people do not understand the importance of this single software we call antivirus and won’t mind downloading or sharing any file from anyone with or without it. One thing you have to understand is that internet has a lot of viruses, Trojan, spyware and malware which are harmful to any device. With a SmartPhone you can access all the sites you need and install any type of app you want.

The surprising thing is that people think that Google play store is totally secure from any of these harmful things but the truth is they are not. Some people maybe fearing charges but as you see most these antivirus are free and available. These Antiviruses for Samsung Android Phone have a lot of effects. One is that you will be protected from viruses and with this assurance you can be able to download or share whatever you want without worries. It will also ensure that your data is totally safe plus your phone will not die soon and in most cases it becomes hard for such a phone to be repaired.

This will require you to go back to your wallet and purchase another phone. At this point you would have lost all of your data among other things. Am sure you do not want this! If in case you have been wondering which antivirus to install on your android phone now you know. Don’t take it easy since it might destroy your beloved android device. In our list there is only one antivirus to pay for while the rest seven are free. Where on earth do you find free things? But here they are and the fact is that they are worth having. Most of people say free is expensive but with the above listed antivirus is totally a different matter. However, you can purchase one since they are not too expensive but ensure you have secured your android phone with antivirus.

Best Free Antivirus For Android Phone

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