5 Best Antivirus For Android Phones Free

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5 Best Antivirus For Android Phones [FREE]

Android is great! It has many features, it’s useful and can store your data properly. But is your data safe? What if your mobile get a virus and infect the files? Chances of ‘virus’ is comparatively less, but malware is still threatening Android users. You need not to worry. Protect your mobile with these antivirus applications given here. What’s the best part? All of them are FREE – no need to pay activation charges or anything else. Read about the 5 free best antivirus for android phones and choose your smartphone’s guard.

1. Avast! Mobile Security

Avast! is highest-rated anti-virus in this list, it deserves to be. It automatically scans for viruses and alerts when you try to open an infected-URL. It also gives you ability to find your phone when its lost, via SMS. You can wipe the history, lock phone, activate siren, track GPS location, and do a lot more in case you lose your phone – and everything with just a SMS!

Avast! Mobile Security allows you to hide the application, makes it extremely difficult for anyone to find and disable it. Hackers can be avoided by installing firewall. Though, it works with rooted phones only. If you know how to root your phone, you can increase the security so much that it will survive hard-resets too. So, it does not only secure your phone from viruses and malware, but from theft too.

2. NQ Mobile Security And Antivirus

A very popular antivirus for android phones, NQ Mobile Security protects your smartphone from virus, trojan, malware and spyware. While browsing, it protects from fraud websites, phishing sites, malware and scans the files during download in real-time. It also monitors applications which try to access data without proper permissions.

Other features include backup and restore, optimize performance by killing unused apps, remotely locate your phone when lost, and check your device’s security status using the check-up button. It also monitors data usage by apps and maintains the statistics for past 10 days, you can set data limit so that you don’t cross your plan’s limit. There is a premium version available which offers some extra features.

3. AVG Anti-Virus Free

AVG anti-virus scans apps, settings, files, and other data 24×7. It also gives you other features like, anti-theft, remote control in case somebody steal your phone, safe web-browsing, etc. The anti-theft feature can track your mobile via Google Maps. It also gives you the power to wipe the data and lock the phone remotely to protect your privacy.

McAfee Antivirus offers free trial for 7 days, after the trial you need to buy the activation to continue using the application. This app scans for malicious codes in files, memory card, applications, etc. and protects you while browsing over the internet. It gives remote access to protect your personal information in case you lose your mobile. You can remotely wipe the data, lock phone and the memory card also. Other features include call filter and call blocker, app protection, backup and restore, and uninstall protection.

5. Norton Mobile Security

5 Best Antivirus For Android Phones Free

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