Download Avast! Free PC Antivirus

Download Download Avast! Free PC Antivirus
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This product of Czech manufacturers appeared at the market several years ago and already earned a good name among the users. It successfully deals with the majority of digital dangers protecting a PC as from the newest viruses and the same from the elder versions of malware.

The installation of Avast! begins with the visiting the official web-site of product where you look for the download free icon. After you have to simply show the right directory and later you will need to register. Avast offers a user to buy a full version of the program for almost 50$ a month but it is not very demanding and later it will remind you not frequently. The whole installation process will take about 10-15 minutes.

Interface of the program is useful and clean. It is made in grey shades and it looks like minimalistic. At the main screen there is a protection status so here you can turn the protection off easily if you do not need antivirus for the exact moment. On the page called ‘Status’ the user might find Quick Scan, Free Mobile Security and Browser Clean up buttons.

Of course, an easy installation and a good interface are vital for the product but how it protects the computer from malware? According to the independent scientists from Germany who have conducted the abilities of Avast the program is greately dealing with 94% of zero-day dangers so if something new appears it will be caught by the software almost undoubtedly.

Talking about the common and already existing malware Avast performs quite great because the program spots almost 98% of all the malicious attacks and after successfully deals with it. By the way the average result presented nowadays at the market is 96% so Avast is one of the leaders of industry by that mean.

How Avast affects the system? If you do scanning, it will slow down a PC certainly, however, not that significant. For example, if you have a high end configuration of your PC you might not even notice the impact of the antivirus but on i3 CPU you might have some problems if you play heavy games at the same time. On the other hand, video is played well and even the steaming one will not be frozen at all.

Avast is one of the best solutions at the market of free antiviruses. It has a good designed interface altogether with comprehendible installation. Moreover, it performs just right protecting the PC from the majority of malicious programs. It scans the system fast so you will not be waiting for ages till it will be over and thus the security problems will not make you a lot of trouble.

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