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Among the huge amount of the antivirus software AVG Antivirus shows one of the best performances scanning a PC fast and fully. Of course there is a paid version of the program and you will get constantly notifications about it but the question is how good this free of charge option for users?

Of course at first you need to install the program. That might be easily made from the official web-site where you merely need to find the button ‘Download for free’. Unfortunately there is a lot of spam and other stuff like that at the web-page so you need to pay attention which download to choose.

Download AVG's free, award-winning antivirus software. Essential protection that blocks and removes viruses and malware. Prevents spying and data theft.

Interface of the program is not what the customers used to see because usually all the manufacturers are trying to make the detection of malicious programs the main thing in the design but here there is absolutely no any priority to it. That is why it is not easy to find the button which is responsible for scanning the machine because it is much smaller than other icons.

Talking about scanning process it is important to mention that there are only two way of doing it which are full or customized. There is no such an option as quick scan thus it is not very convenient for the users. Anyway it is still curious how the full scanning performs. The results made by independent European scientists have shown that AVG successfully finds 96% of the new dangers and it has 99% with the already existing malicious software. Bot results are better that the average rates of 94% and 96% so the antivirus is working just right.

How do such great detection results impact the system? According to the same independent European scientists the AVG Antivirus is one of the fastest at the market because it performs a full scan for 8 minutes 58 seconds on the mediocre PC. Of course at the elder versions of the machines like Intel Duo or lower the results will be not that spectacular, however, it is still the fastest software at the free market.

What disappoints the users is that program advertises a paid version all the time and notification will make angry almost everybody, however, if it does not create any obstacle for you then it might be a perfect solution with a great malware abilities and relatively low consumption of the machine resources.

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