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This antivirus software might offer a user a great interface altogether with the ability to control all the devices of yours at the same time. It is an absolutely necessary program for those people who have at home two or more PCs plus tablet or cellphone using Android. However, what can else offer a customer AVG Zen because interface and flexibility are good things but it is not everything.

Everything begins at the manufacturer web-site where you have to download AVG freely. After you have this you need to register right there in order to turn on you software. The procedure is not hard at all and during this you will be offered to install a full version of the Antivirus. It will allow you using some extra features and it makes the settings of AVG more flexible.

The most interesting part of AVG is undoubtedly the opportunity to add all your devices at one account so you will not need to install the antivirus all over again and then tune it as you need. In order to add a computer to the account you need to send an invitation to the e-mail to which the machine is subscribed. After you will have to write a special code and then you need simply to install the program at the other device. The number of machines in the network is unlimited so you can monitor the devices of your parents or friends.

As for the detection AVG Zen performs fine finding over 90% of all new threats and the same amount of already existing. So with this software you might feel protected greatly, however, it is not the best result in the industry. You might also tune anti-theft protection so nobody will be able to use your device in case it is stolen.

AVG Zen is interesting for the customers not as the best protection at the market but as one of the best attempts to unite all the devices in one network. It will significantly ease the life because you will not need to look after all the devices separately. You might check on your tablet while using a PC and vice versa so it is a must-have antivirus for the lucky owners of many digital machines.

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