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Download Download ClamWin Free Antivirus
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If you need a free of charge antivirus with a full support by manufacturer then you can choose ClamWin Free Antivirus which could be installed almost at every existing windows begging from 98 version. Today it is quite widespread software with more than half a million users that prove good results of the product. So what is so special about this antivirus?

Installation of ClamWin is quite easy so you simply need to download without any charge it right from the website of company-manufacturer and follow all the instructions. Altogether with the program you will get an open source code which will allow you to us the software at home without any limitations. At the website you might pick up a preferable language among Russian, English, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian.

Interface of the program is easily understandable so you will always know how to scan the machine and when to download the latest versions. Moreover, you might choose the time and days when you want to scan a PC if you like. The program integrates in the Windows design so you always might open it clicking with a right button at the desktop.

The main disadvantage of the antivirus is its scanner. You can choose time and day but if there is a threat the program will never find it until you start scanning manually. That is why a PC is protected only right after the scanning process but if you forget to do it for a while then soon you will get some viruses at your machine. They will be removed from a computer after the next scan but in between them you will have to deal with it.

By the way the program deals adequately with all the threats reaching the average market results of 94% for the newest dangers and 96% as for the existing malware. So the antivirus does its job correctly and the plus of it is that it is still improving so sooner the performance of the software will be even better.

As for the consumption of PC resources ClamWin will not seriously freeze it because it does not perform scanning all the time as other antiviruses do. However, if you do a scan manually, you can still watch movies at the same time. Undoubtedly there will be some problems with heavy software during the scanning but all in all in functions just right.

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