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Download Download Clean Master for Android
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The publisher’s description for the Clean Master claims that it helps to make the device work faster due to the cleaned system The product helps to clear all the clean all the files at ones, without choosing specifically what type of file to scan. This application will be very helpful in case if the device easily runs out of battery or slows down a lot during the working application and tools, besides, deleting some unnecessary files becomes very useful when a huge load of new information is about to be put in the device’s system.

The new version of the product, that can be downloaded on the manufacturer’s site or in Google Play Store, includes such addition as: possibility to support the already created Google and CM accounts, possibility to perform multiple cleaning scans at ones without the need to wait for the basic scan to finish in order to start the additional one, the optimization for the Manager of download and additional tools shown on the homescreen.

Clean Master scans the caches, application that are closed in order to detect and clean all the junk files, unnecessary items and what was left from the on-going applications. The malware is also scanned, the logs are cleaned, while the real-time protection and safe browsing is also active. Besides, the users will find it useful to have it possible to back the application up and undelete all the removed files.

When the application is open it displays the data of the whole system, which space is free, as well as the possibility to navigate through the four tools, such as junk files, application manager, memory boost and security and privacy. The settings menu makes it possible to alter various notifications, reminders and all the rest messages the system has for the user.

What’s more, special extras are also included in the packages, like different animations and events that differ for each season. In the manual for the product’s function, the info and help materials are introduced, so that to ease the work with the application as efficiently as possible. This goes together with the two possible ways to scan the device, the first is the standard one that can clean up to 100 MB of the space, the second is called advanced, and the number of the cleaned data in this case starts with 2 GB in average.

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