Download Dr.Web Anti-Virus for Android (Free)

Download Download Dr.Web Anti-Virus for Android (Free)
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Dr.Web Anti Virus for Android (Free) is an antivirus application that helps to scan the system of files in the device, together with all the data hidden and the applications downloaded by the user. For every malicious program detected a unique record is created and the files are out to the quarantine mode, this kind of application helps to identify a certain pattern or the algorithm in order to detect all the newly appeared modifications in the device.

The application can be downloaded for free on Google Play store or on the official web site of the manufacturer, besides, if you have already installed the product on you PC, it is possible to install the application on the registered Android device.

Dr.Web Anti Virus for Android (Free) is equipped with the basic protection of malware system that also includes the scanner working in real-time that detects the downloaded files. However, it doesn’t have a very sufficient tool for spam protection and standard anti-theft tools that the paid version can offer.

As for the advantages of the product, the modes for multiple scanning can be listed. The modes are as follows: allowing to scan fully, customary or quickly. This possibility of choosing the needed way of scan is not very common among the other competitors. The estimated time for the quick scan is about 30 minutes, while the full scan can take more than 40 minutes for every 16 GB.

Another plus is that is provides the effective quarantine mode. The threats can be deleted or simply put to quarantine, from where the user can monitor its status. This application makes possible to manage all the files in one window and search for the potential threatening software downloaded, while there is no need for deleting the files that the scan falsely detected as a warning.

The disadvantages are lightweight and pestering notification. The first is so, because it actually lacks the extended apps and tools, like SMS blocking or the licking of the device, it goes together with rather low speed during the scan itself which slows the device. The second is connected with monitoring in real time, because the notifications at this mode are constantly showing on the screen meant to get the upgraded paid version of the product.

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