Download ESET antivirus programs for Android

Download Download ESET antivirus programs for Android
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ESET application is considered to be one of the best antivirus programs for Android as listed by the independent testing laboratory. The basic idea is as usual, that is to protect the devise from all the possible malware as well as phishing. The main advantage is that it doesn’t slow the work of the device and does not affect the battery level. The software also is rather extended and not very hard to use, but no control for the parental was included together with utilities to set the backup.

The application was tested by the laboratory of testing in 2014 together with all the rest most popular applications that were issued around that date (all in all 30 different products). According to the research the average antivirus application scanned about 95.3%, when ESET apps show the result close to 100%.

Together with the protection from malicious programs, which is the basics of internet protection, ESET also makes the whole process of surfing the net as safe as possible, so that to prevent the device from phishing the personal information as well as control the list of all the sources for mailing and messaging.

The hugest advantage of this very application for protecting the device from viruses is that it also includes the anti-theft tool. Many people are afraid to lose their mobile somewhere, so this application can help in solving the problem. The idea is as follows: while using this tool the program tracks the device on the map and sends the images or the so-called snap-shots of the current location of the device. The snapshots are taken from the rear camera point or from the locking point. So, in case if the telephone is missing, a special alarm system becomes active and produces a certain siren sound, so that the owner of the device can easily find it.

One more point to consider while choosing the perfect antivirus applications is its effect on the device itself and its on-mode. The ESET application doesn’t affect negatively the charge of the battery as well as it doesn’t slow the working process of the device. Besides, while downloading other applications from the Google Play Store (where the product can be found itself as well), no false warning is shown or detected. Together with Google Play Store the application can also be downloaded on the official site.

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