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McAfee Mobile Security can be described as a perfect antivirus application for Android that is equipped with anti-theft tools and apps for protection of the privacy; however, its rating for detecting malware is rather low in comparison with all the rest antivirus applications.

The price of the application is rather big if compared to the Avast or Kaspersky securities, however, the software is much more feature-rich and friendly for its users. The setup step is considered by many reviewers rather complicated, because instead of the usual download and enter the security code procedure, it is required to visiting the site of the manufacturer and entering the key for the product there. After entering the code, it is necessary to register on the site, so that to get the key code that will be needed for the installation of the application itself. Besides, the owner also has to create a six-letter PIN in order to activate the product.

After finishing the download and installation process, the software itself seems very easy and comfortable to use. All the important notifications are listed at the top, besides practically to every buttons the help info is included. The application provides only one mode of scanning the device, but the depth of the scan itself can be altered in many ways in the additional data.

The major advantage of the product if that according to the independent lab test it detects 99.5% of the malware. The second plus is that is has an anti-theft tool, that is working in assistance of SMS command and the Web. The device, when being stolen or simply lost, can produce the alarm sound. The sound can be chose from the loud siren to the usual Alarm melody or a default ringtone, which makes the application differ from its competitors. The Capture camera also takes photos of the user in case of the three and more unsuccessful attempts to unlock the device.

Besides, the McAfee Mobile Security is equipped with the tool for the backup, restore and factory reset tools, as well as tracking the SIM. The last tool helps to locate the device in case if the SIM card was changed. All these additional tools can be customized in accordance with the customer’s looking and preferences. The cost of the product is $29.99 per year, which makes it two times more expensive that the rest. However, many users can benefit from buying the product by using the numerous tools and additional functions, the number of which is higher than the average antivirus application. The product can be purchased on the official web-site or on Google Play Store.

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