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Download Download Microsoft Security Essentials
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The name of Microsoft Security Essentials says the best about the quality of the product. It includes only the most essential basics and nothing more, however, it is free to use so as a good start it might fit perfectly.

Microsoft Security Essentials can be downloaded free of charge from the product web-page. Installation process is simple, however, the program asks to remove all the additional antivirus software that have been installed before.

Talking about the interface there is nothing special but everything is very functional. There are several menus marked as scanning, spyware and malware detection, setting and history. It is quite common but it makes it cleaner and more comprehendible for the inexperienced users because everything is easy to be found.

The product offers three ways of scanning the system which are traditional quick, custom and full. You might create a schedule for quick and full in order for them to perform regularly. If a user wants to change the scan settings somehow, he will be offered to choose the level of alert from low to severe. Than higher the level is than better antivirus will look for malware. Moreover, it is possible to turn a real-time scan off if you need better performance.

Microsoft Security Essentials does not consume a lot of RAM or CPU resources so it makes it is the best for slow PCs. Unfortunately the speed of scanner is not quite right so you will have to wait for a while till it will be done. Moreover, there is no way to control somehow program notifications so sometimes you might miss some alerts only because the antivirus has not mentioned it to you. On the other hand, it is the basic protection for a PC so it provides only essentials and nothing more, however, sometimes it is exactly what is needed.

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