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Download Download PC Tools AntiVirus Free
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PC Tools AntiVirus Free is a free of charge product which provides a protection from malware and cyber-attacks. Free download is available from the web-site of the manufacturer and that is the first step. What comes next?

It is important to be attentive during the installation of PC Tools AntiVirus Free because it includes a lot of ads and if you do not remove some ticks, the program will download you a new browser and will change its settings.

As far is the interface is considered, the antivirus offers a simple and friendly design. At the home page you might observe the current status of PC protection with statistics on the number of detected dangers, performed scans and completed updates.

The program has the IntelliGuard which is responsible for detection of malware and suspicious files before they might damage somehow a PC. It also looks for email, downloads and browsing the net. All the additional checks are available only in a paid version so all the opportunities will not be available in freeware usage.

If you want to increase the productivity of your PC you can change the protection settings. There are three options which are performance, balance and protection. PC Tools AntiVirus Free also has an option to make a full recovery of the system in case it has crashed. In this case you will need to create a restore point once.

Scanning modes are typical and the full one takes an eternity to be done,however it finds a lot of malware so sometimes the result is worth waiting. Moreover, it does not impact an OS significantly so you can start scanning and continue performing all the tasks you need.

All in all PC Tools AntiVirus Free is good anti-malware software which protects a computer without consuming a lot of CPU and RAM resources. It has everything essential included and if you browse only the trusted pages then barely will you need a better tool than it.

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