Virus brontok

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VBS/Chick.A is a worm that is not considered to be a threat as the worm sends itself only once per infected system and only to a single recipient.

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Technical Details


After the worm's file is started, it copies itself with different names to different folders on a local hard drive. The file names can be semi-randomly generated or they can be any of the following:

  • csrss.exe
  • inetinfo.exe
  • lsass.exe
  • services.exe
  • smss.exe
  • winlogon.exe

Some of the worm's files have hidden, system, and read-only attributes. The worm can create its files with COM, EXE, and PIF extensions. Brontok worm creates multiple launch points for the copied files. Those include startup Registry keys as well as scheduled jobs. For example:

Additionally, the worm creates a few text files on a local hard disk. The file named baca bro . txt that is created in the root of the system drive has the following text:

The c.bron.tok.txt file contains the following text:

The worm keeps several copies of itself in memory.


The worm sends messages with the following subjects:

  • Fotoku yg Paling Cantik
  • My Best Photo

The message body text can be one of the following:

The attachment name is:

To collect email addresses to spread itself, the worm looks on drives from C: to Z for address in files with the following extensions:

The discovered addresses are checked against a rather large list of strings. If part of a discovered email address matches an entry in that list, that email address is discarded.The worm creates folders named Spread.Mail.Bro and Spread.Sent.Bro in one of its hidden subfolders. The first folder contains the list of email addresses that the worm harvested from the infected computer. Each email address is represented by a file that has the same text as the c.bron.tok.txt file (see above). When the worm sends an email to an address, the corresponding file is moved to the second folder. This is done to avoid sending the worm to the same address multiple times.

In addition to its propagation efforts, the worm has a rather old-fashioned effect. It can show the following texts in the command prompt window:

The effect is shown after the worm terminates applications that have the following text strings in their window titles:

  • ahnlab
  • alwil
  • anti
  • avg
  • avira
  • b.e
  • baca bro .
  • bitdef
  • bugil
  • cewe
  • cillin
  • cmd.exe
  • command prompt
  • commander
  • computer management
  • ertanto
  • folder option
  • group policy
  • hijack
  • kaspersky
  • killbox
  • killer
  • mcafee
  • movzx
  • naked
  • nod32
  • norman
  • norton
  • pcmedia
  • pc-media
  • peid
  • porn
  • registry
  • robknot
  • rontok
  • rontox
  • scheduled task
  • sex
  • symantec
  • system configuration
  • task manager
  • task view
  • telanjang
  • trendmicro
  • trojan
  • virus
  • washer
  • windows script
  • wintask
  • worm

The worm disables Task Manager, Registry Editor, and terminates applications that have the following text strings in their window titles:

  • ahnlab
  • aladdin
  • Alicia
  • Anti
  • ash
  • ashmaisv
  • aswupdsv
  • avast
  • avg
  • bitdef
  • ccapp
  • ccapps
  • cclaw
  • cillin
  • ctfmon
  • Dian
  • diary
  • dkernel
  • foto
  • grisoft
  • hijack
  • iexplorer
  • kangen
  • kaspersky
  • kill
  • lexplorer
  • machine
  • Mariana
  • mcaf
  • mcv
  • movzx
  • mspatch
  • nipsvc
  • njeeves
  • nod32
  • nopdb
  • norman
  • norton
  • nvcoas
  • opscan
  • panda
  • peid
  • poproxy
  • remove
  • riyani
  • Romantic
  • rontok
  • rontox
  • siti
  • sstray
  • symantec
  • sysinter
  • syslove
  • systray
  • trend
  • tskmgr
  • untukmu
  • update
  • virus
  • vptray
  • washer
  • wscript
  • xpshare
  • zlh

The worm modifies Windows HOSTS file to block access to the following domains:

Virus brontok

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