Symauth commands

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EMC SymCLI Proxy (Client to Server) Configuration

The EMC DMX/Symmetrix SymCLI software can be installed in two key ways: SymCLI Server standalone & SymCLI Server + SymCLI Client. The SymCLI client leverages the SymCLI Server to run commands against discovered Symmetrix arrays. Use of the client allows for distributed SymCLI command execution which can come in handy for scripting backups of key systems or enabling admins from different groups. Bellow I’ve outlined the key steps for setting up SYMCLI with a proxy host. I have left out steps associated with setting up SSL and also licensing since they are well documented.

Linux VM – SymCLI Client
Windows Physical – SymCLI Server & ECC Server (FC + Gatekeepers Mapped & Masked)

1. Map & Mask required Symmetrix Gatekeepers to physical host (FC connectivity required)
2. Install SymAPI on server and discover Symmetrix array (run symcfg discover)
3. Install SymAPI on Client machine
3.1 Update /var/symapi/config/netcnfg file with the following line


3.2 Run stordaemon start storsrvd
3.3 Update user profile to reflect path to symapi binaries and SYMAPI_SECURE environment variable.

export PATH

4. Run symcfg list -services to verify netcnfg file connection details
5. Run symcfg list to show Symmetrix arrays visable via proxy

Key directories
SymAPI binaries /opt/emc/bin
SymAPI configuration /var/symapi

Key files
SymAPI Client to server configuration /var/symapi/config/netcnfg
User path & environment variable configuration /.bash_profile

Error: “no devices found”
Fix: Double check that the user in question has all of the search paths and environment variables correctly set within their .bash_profile

Error: “The caller is not authorized to perform the requested operation”
Fix: Check to see if symmetrix authentication (symauth) services is enabled on the array in question

Symauth commands

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