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The company was started in 2009 and incorporated in 2010. It is headquartered in Wilmington, NC. Cekra, Inc is owned by Anita Nagy Kratsa. Born into a paint contracting family, Anita gained the experience and knowledge necessary to excel in the industrial painting industry and has successfully built a professional company with expert personnel bringing over 35 year experience in paint contracting.

When you decide to protect your coated steel assets by proper preparation and coating call Cekra, Inc., a qualified industrial painting contractor with a proven track record. We are experienced in all methods and techniques of surface preparation, as dictated by the type of surface and degree of deterioration.

Each project has unique conditions that will require a specific cleaning and/or removal method of the contaminants prior to painting.

Our containments utilize negative air pressure to draw contaminants to our high capacity dust collectors, equipped with filters. We take special care to see to it that all pollutants are in compliance with EPA and local waste disposal regulations.

Our project mission is to satisfy you the customer. We are trained to engineer and apply rigging to all types of locations to ensure a safe environment and to provide for the proper containment of blast media. Additionally, the project is completed timely, to your satisfaction.


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