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All new 360 Browser revolutionizes web browsers with an incredibly fast Webkit engine, along with various customization options to better suit your web experience. 360 Browser is simple, secure and most of all an intuitive browser.

With new features such as Dual Engines, Ad Filter, Video Pop-out and Secure Browsing just sit back and discover life on the Internet through 360 Browser.


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woodhair December 17, 2016 / Version: 360 Browser

2016-12-17 19:58:44 | By woodhair

I decided to use it after a few too many unstable reactions in Google Chrome.
Changing startpage aso
Built-in adblocker and downloadmanager, you can use the chrome webstore
Very fast

You can't see the URL in the adres line

It's much better than other chrome browsers : Comodo, Citrio

"Been using this since last week as Chrome kept crashing"

"Been using this since last week as Chrome kept crashing"

smkdout75 March 02, 2015 / Version: 360 Browser

2015-03-02 20:00:25 | By smkdout75

Love it so far. I have come accustomed to a few extensions on the google play store that are not available yet on this browser but it is really awesome! It really is fast, all browsers say this so i dont even look for or expect it but my internet runs much faster. I have two of the same computers on different desks at work.. so its easy to see.

needs more extensions but i see you just added the ability for play store so i am sure they are coming

5 stars in my book.

"Faulty SSL support"

"Faulty SSL support"

niknah0 October 21, 2014 / Version: 360 Browser

2014-10-21 23:20:42 | By niknah0

It works like any other browser.

Always accepts ssl certificates, even self signed ones.
Extra steps to uninstall.

Beware: this browser has been used by the Chinese gov to spy on people.

"Pretty good butt. "

"Pretty good butt. "

anothergamer September 23, 2014 / Version: 360 Browser

2014-09-23 03:30:17 | By anothergamer

Seems to use less rescources than Palemoon,renders videos well.acceptable pageload time.built in security and adblocker

The back arrow now takes me back to the same page (does not go back)

I have been happily using this browser since it first came out until now.I have updated twice and each update seems to slow it down a bit. The reason i will uninstall is the back button issue(the same thing happened on Chrome a few years back on a machine i no longer own Hmmm?) I will wait and see if this issue is fixed and try them again as i was happy with 360s performance.

Qihoo 360 english

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