Free lotto online review

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Free lotto online review

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Lotto Style Sweepstakes - Play Lottery Style Games for Free & Win Money - FreeLotto is a sweepstakes site that awards members cash and other prizes including cars. People simply register as a member and then pick their numbers. Okay, maybe it’s not quite that simple, but Lotto Style Sweepstakes - Play Lottery Style Games for Free & Win Money - FreeLotto claims to have to date awarded in excess of $95 million. People don’t need a credit card so how does Lotto Style Sweepstakes - Play Lottery Style Games for Free & Win Money - FreeLotto make money and how is it able to pay winnings? That’s the big question. Get ready to have your email address flooded with promotional material, spam and other links to sites that might cost money.

What Is FreeLotto?

The site was established in 1999 and is owned by PlasmaNet Inc., a company based in New York, USA. This sweepstakes site is not a place to purchase lottery tickets. Players can play six games daily, and register up to 10 accounts.

After choosing their numbers for each game, players click on the banner ad of a sponsor and answer a multiple choice question or click on the FreeBet button. From time to time, Lotto Style Sweepstakes - Play Lottery Style Games for Free & Win Money - FreeLotto may ask brief questions about buying preferences. The home site is in English, but FreeLotto also has Spanish, French, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Suomi and Swedish versions.

It’s obvious that something isn’t right the moment you visit the FreeLotto website. The design is outdated and it pretty much looks like the popup banners that used to plague our computer screens some time ago. Grandiose promises are made right on the homepage and FreeLotto promises you that you can win more than one million dollars the moment you sign up. Websites that get started with such promises aren’t the most trustworthy ones (unless they can state rather clearly how such opportunities come about).

The homepage features the names and pictures of people that have supposedly become millionaires using FreeLotto. We tried to run a quick online check and figure out whether these people are real and if they’ve actually won money.

We went at random with Isabelle Bradley, who supposedly won 10 million dollars through the website. Interestingly enough, no media or news website has reported about such a spectacular win. After all, if it were that simple to become a millionaire, chances are that the media would jump on the bandwagon immediately.

It’s very interesting to point out that the name has taken us to a website called ScamVictimsUnited (uh-oh, not a good start)! The forum features tens of accounts written by people that tried to replicate Isabelle’s success, but were unable to claim their FreeLotto prizes.

Alright, maybe there weren’t any reports about Isabelle. This is why we decided to search for a second FreeLotto millionaire. According to the website, Zhivko Zhelev from Bulgaria won 100 million dollars. Now, Bulgaria is a small European country and it has some of the lowest salaries in the EU. Such a massive winning is definitely big news and it should have been covered by at least few media. There’s whatsoever, no information about such a millionaire.

The final thing we tried to do is a reverse Googe image search for Zhivko’s photo. This approach would at least confirm that the person is real. Unfortunately, the picture appears solely on the FreeLotto website. There’s no Facebook profile or another account that features the picture. The same applies to Isabelle’s picture.

Free lotto online review

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